CMS has evolved from a financial body to overseeing healthcare quality, including health equity - Amy Helwig


image by: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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Health Equity Measures Determine The Impact Of New CMS Regulations And Funding

CMS is the United States' largest health insurer. Additionally, they are responsible for ensuring that Americans receive quality, effective, and efficient healthcare. But, how did CMS become the champion for driving improvements in health equity? It stems from a history marked by evolving from an entity established by law as the financial backer of healthcare to also becoming a major influencer on clinical care and healthcare quality through data collection, analysis, and quality improvement programs. When Medicare was established, CMS quickly realized that greater financial oversight was needed, as well as a way to ensure services that the government (and its taxpayers) were paying for were…

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 Health Equity Measures Determine The Impact Of New CMS Regulations And Funding

New healthcare quality improvement priorities gain traction when the federal government creates regulations and CMS backs those regulations with funding.


CMS serves the public as a trusted partner and steward, dedicated to advancing health equity, expanding coverage, and improving health outcomes.

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