Prehospital System

If they’re not breathing, I will breathe for them. If their heart’s not beating, I will be the heartbeat for them - Lindsey Kaczmarek

Prehospital System

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Emergency Medicine’s Original Sin

The job of providing emergency medical services, or EMS, often resembles medical detective work, with limited clues, no specialists to consult, and very little, if any, of the sophisticated equipment available to doctors and nurses. But even though emergency medics—a catchall term used throughout this story for paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and emergency medical responders—handle tens of millions of calls in the United States each year and make life-altering decisions for their patients every day, they remain all but excluded from institutional medicine. “You’re basically like a glorified taxi,” says Sarayna McGuire, a Mayo Clinic emergency physician who has studied pre-hospital…

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 Emergency Medicine’s Original Sin

The misperception that paramedics are merely ambulance drivers is everyone’s problem.

 Research challenges in prehospital care: the need for a simulation-based prehospital research laboratory

Prehospital care has changed rapidly during the last couple of decades. It has quickly transformed from a transport organization to an integrated part of the healthcare system. This fast transition poses major challenges to the organizations

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