Migrant Crisis

The American way of life and the future of our natural environment and resource base depends on restoring the proper balance between our needs and the unlimited demands of millions on the move - FAIR

Migrant Crisis

image by: Adam Milstein

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Humanitarian crisis at the border is a test of America’s soul. We’re flunking it.

How America responds to refugees is a test of the nation’s soul, and we are failing.

There are much better ways to do this than slicing open the legs of toddlers — funding more immigration judges and more humane processing facilities instead of squandering billions on Abbott’s tin soldiers and other wasteful policies, or figuring out how to accommodate more of these potential workers, who would boost the economy. But we’re not going to do those things until our political leaders and the media stop treating these human beings as alien invaders from Mars, instead of as our brothers and sisters who share the same planet.

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 Humanitarian crisis at the border is a test of America’s soul. We’re flunking it.

The sins of a U.S.-led world — imperialism, inequality, pollution — caused a Central American refugee crisis. Nationalism won't fix it.


Immigration policies can determine what kind of America future generations will inherit – livable or overcrowded, successful or overburdened. While we see our obligations to help the less fortunate around the world, we also know that irresponsible border policies can undermine our own nation’s ability to be a successful change agent for the human race. FAIR engages in community outreach to inform affected communities of how national immigration policies affect their own situation, and invites them to engage in a meaningful dialogue on how to shape immigration policies for the 21st Century and beyond.


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