Public Safety

Public safety protects the public—a collectivity worth shielding. It is a shared effort that begets a shared benefit - Ian Bogost

Public Safety

image by: South Side Neighborhood Safety Committee

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How Technology Sabotaged Public Safety

Technology services are systematically, if invisibly, eroding long-won victories in public safety.

Take vaping. Much like Uber transformed the cab ride with smartphones, e-cigarettes have reinvented cigarette culture with a discreet new technology: a battery-powered stick that heats and aerosolizes nicotine (or sometimes cannabis)…

Meanwhile, e-cigarettes still deliver particulate matter and toxins into the lungs (just not as much as cigarettes do). Secondhand aerosol poses some risk to people in the proximity of e-cigarettes, which are often used indoors because the odorless vapor doesn’t seem harmful, like tobacco smoke.

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 How Technology Sabotaged Public Safety

The tech industry has undoubtedly improved people’s individual, private lives. But it has not necessarily benefited their communal ones.

National Public Safety Partnership

The National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) was established by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide an innovative framework to enhance federal support of state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities in enhancing public safety.

Public Safety News

Public Safety News (PSN) is a nonprofit news agency that consists of independent photojournalists, journalists, and action news enthusiasts passionate about capturing breaking news and bringing it to you. We also provide area newsrooms with footage and photographs of incidents and events rapidly. We use innovative tactics and technology to deliver stories faster to newsrooms and to you.

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