Jumpers Knee

The best way to reduce pain from an overused patellar tendon is to release as much tension as possible from your leg muscles...you need to combine stretching with self-massage - Martin Koban

Jumpers Knee

image by: 2017 Canada Summer Games

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The REAL Jumper's Knee

Many athletes deal with the condition known as "jumpers-knee" which is pain or inflammation down at the bottom of the knee. Any time you see an athlete wearing a knee strap they're wearing it for this form of patellar tendonitis. The strap takes pressure off the patellar tendon and tends to lesson the pain.

One mistake I think a lot of therapists, sports MDs, coaches, and athletes make is not differentiating between different types of patellar (knee) tendonitis. I don't consider myself a therapeutic expert but this is just something I've noticed over the years. Oftentimes any sorta knee pain gets dumped into the category of "patella femoral pain" or "jumpers knee." Technically when…

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