Stand Up Paddling

So the next time you hit the beach or go to the nearest lake, grab the hottest water toy – your SUP board - Octavia Drughi

Stand Up Paddling

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SUP is the New Rage and here’s Why You Should Try It

Stand up paddle boarding is the hottest craze, taking the world by storm as the world’s fastest growing watersport. Why? Simply because it’s so darn relaxing. Less focused on the action and more on spending quality time in the great outdoors, stand up paddle boarding is something everyone wants to try. And it’s a whole lot easier than it looks.

SUP seems like a new sport, but truth be told, stand up paddling has been around for quite some time. In fact, it is considered much older than surfing, with its roots traced back to Africa and South America thousands of years ago. In the 1940s, pioneer surfer Duke Kahanamoku took up stand up paddle boarding as a means to go further into…

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