Aging Healthy

Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough - Groucho Marx

Aging Healthy

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Want to live to 100? How about 120?

So, you’ve turned the big 50.  You have a job, a house, a few kids, a couple of divorces under your belt, and you eat kale.  50 isn’t that bad.  Isn’t it supposed to be the new 30?  After all, for a middle-aged person you’re pretty happy with the way you look and feel.  However, and I really hate to break it to you, you are not middle-aged.  Do you really think you’ll live to be 100?  Probably not, especially when you realize that the average American life expectancy is 78.88.  So, you know what that means?  It means that you my friend, are well over middle-age. You are closer to senior citizen.  Sorry.

But what if I told you that living to…

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 Want to live to 100? How about 120?

It is better to have a meaningful life and make a difference than to merely have a long life - Bryant H. McGill

7 Numbers That Will Make You Feel Better About Aging

Aging is not without a few pitfalls. But here are seven numbers that should bring you some comfort...

Compassionate and caring, our experts search high and low for the best resources to help seniors live with independence and dignity. We then provide in-depth research, rankings and reviews. Because it's time we take the guesswork out of aging.


Objective guidance on senior products and services.

Healthy Aging

The Healthy Aging® web site, produced by CWI Productions, Inc., provides regular updates of news, tips and techniques for positive aging.

Healthy Aging For Women

This is about getting healthy and staying healthy. You cannot really do that without information. It's hard to find good information online sometimes, and if your primary provider is as busy as I am, they may not have the time or take the time to make sure you understand. I know. I hear it in my practice all the time.


The mission of LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging. Our membership includes 6,000 not-for-profit organizations representing the entire field of aging services, 39 state partners, and hundreds of businesses, consumer groups, foundations, and research partners. Together, our members touch 4 million lives every day.

When They Get Older

We’ve created When They Get Older to meet a very clear and growing need. We recognise that there are an increasing number of people, just like us, who are having to squeeze in time to support ageing and elderly parents as well as run their professional lives and their families. We want to help.

Age UK

Age UK aims to improve later life for everyone through our information and advice, services, campaigns, products, training and research.


Marian Van Eyk McCain's occasional thoughts on green and conscious ageing, simple living, loving the earth ... and life in general.

Welcome to, created by the American Geriatrics Society's Health in Aging Foundation, to provide consumers and caregivers with up-to-date information on health and aging. Overseen by a team of experts on caring for older adults, content is based on resources that the American Geriatrics Society has developed for its professional members.


MemoryWell is a digital platform for storytelling that brings the skills of professional journalists to the challenge of helping seniors tell their life story. With MemoryWell Plus, you can build a collaborative interactive timeline around a life story, adding photos, videos, letters and documents. Everyone has a story, let us help you capture it.

Reversing Disease

Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

Senior Health Week

Health news and information for seniors. (SR) provides a comprehensive source of housing information and services for seniors and their caregivers. The mission of SR is to provide education services to the senior population. SR will serve as a resource and advocate in areas of importance to the well-being of the senior community, with primary attention given to housing, health, recreational, cultural, and counseling.

Time Goes By

What it is really like to get old.

Where Elders Blog

Elderblogging is about community, making and maintaining friendships, telling our stories and sharing our thoughts about everything life is made of. It helps in getting to know one another to see a little bit of our personal space.


Health programs and resources offered through the American Association of Retired Persons.

Age and Aging

Age and Ageing is an international journal publishing refereed original articles and commissioned reviews on geriatric medicine and gerontology.


We believe passionately that is your community. We're your partner in caregiving—and as such, you've made us the go-to destination for family caregivers. is where caregivers discover that they are not alone, how to survive, and how to provide the care their loved one needs.

Alliance for Aging Research

The Alliance believes that advances in research help people live longer, happier, more productive lives and reduce healthcare costs over the long term. Access to the latest scientific information empowers people to take control of their health. The Alliance strives to advance science and enhance lives through a variety of activities and initiatives–from policy issues to provider and consumer health programs–that generate knowledge and action on age-related issues.

American Society on Aging

The ASA is the largest organization of multidisciplinary professionals in the field of aging. Our resources, publications, and educational opportunities are geared to enhance the knowledge and skills of people working with older adults and their families.


Many adults over 55 need help paying for prescription drugs, health care, utilities, and other basic needs. There are over 2,000 federal, state and private benefits programs available to help. But many people don’t know these programs exist or how they can apply. BenefitsCheckUp asks a series of questions to help identify benefits that could save you money and cover the costs of everyday expenses.


Calico is a research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan. We will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives. Executing on this mission will require an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary effort and a long-term focus for which funding is already in place.

Guides, information and statistics on aging.

International Council on Active Aging

The goal of this locator is to help older exercisers find the facility that's right for them. The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) recognizes these facilities as committed to creating age-friendly fitness and wellness settings for older adults.

National Council on Aging

The National Council on Aging is a nonprofit organization with a national network of more than 14,000 organizations and leaders. Our members include senior centers, area agencies on aging, adult day service centers, faith-based service organizations, senior housing facilities, employment services, consumer groups, and leaders from academia, business, and labor.

National Institute on Aging

Articles, information and research results on aging.

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