A cluster headache is like sawing your arm off with a rusty saw with no anesthesia — Tyler Mann  


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What is a cluster headache? A first-person account of the most painful condition known to man

It wakes me from a deep sleep. The agony is all-encompassing. It feels like having a white-hot screwdriver thrust through my eyeball and left there. The screwdriver is then wired up to an electric current and the voltage is continually increased.

My sinus feels like it has been washed out with acid, my temple is swollen and hot, the area under my cheek burns, my upper jaw feels like I have a toothache in every tooth. Even the roof of my mouth is sore.

Most of the pain is focused on my eyeball: as well as the screwdriver, it feels like there is a red-hot metal ball, the size of a golf ball, directly behind it, pushing it out of the socket.

If only this was a migraine,…

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