You can call double-eyelid surgery wrong, or see it as evidence of body dysmorphia, but don't overplay the race issue. It's insulting to those of us who are merely vain - Euny Hong


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I Got Eyelid Surgery, but Not to Look White

Last week, the Chinese-American talk-show host Julie Chen revealed on CBS's "The Talk" that she had double-eyelid surgery early in her career, after a boss at an Ohio TV station insisted it was the only way she would get in front of the cameras. An agent told her the same thing. Plenty of people found fault with the TV executive and the agent for putting that kind of pressure on Ms. Chen, but critics—most of them Asian—have also laid into the broadcast journalist, claiming that blepharoplasty is a form of racial reassignment surgery, indicative of Asian self-hatred and white-worship.

The accusation is bogus. I should know: In 2002, I had the double-eyelid procedure. I did it because…

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Last Updated : Wednesday, January 18, 2023