Dental Cleaning

Am I type I, II, III, IV, or V for gum disease? - Mark Burhenne DDS

Dental Cleaning

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Rethinking the Twice-Yearly Dentist Visit

For decades, dentists have urged all adults to schedule preventive visits every six months. But a new study finds that annual cleanings may be adequate for adults without certain risk factors for periodontal disease while people with a high risk may need to go more often.

Almost half of adults age 30 and older, about 65 million, have a form of chronic inflammatory gum disease that can ultimately lead to tooth loss. The study, published on Monday in The Journal of Dental Research, suggests that the frequency of dental visits for cleanings and other preventive services should be tailored to each person’s risk factors for periodontal disease.

“The findings suggest that for low-risk…

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