Dental amalgam

Mercury/silver fillings are like dinosaurs, and whatever purpose they once served, can now be served far better with other more innovative and modern materials - Advanced Dental Arts

Dental amalgam

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Mercury amalgam fillings and you

In England during the 1700s and 1800s, felt hats – very fashionable at the time – contained trace amounts of mercury, and many of the workers in the hat factories that produced them succumbed to mercury poisoning over time. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include dementia and other neurological complications, from whence came the term “Mad as a Hatter.” We’ve known for quite a while that quicksilver in large enough quantities does not do a body (or brain) good.

In the dental field, the two biggest battles we seem to continually wage deal with the safety of fluoride and the use of dental amalgam...

Dental amalgam is the most commonly used filling material for decayed and broken…

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