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Sports Drinks
Sports Drinks

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The Controversial Science of Sports Drinks

A history of the conflated science of hydration and how consumers came to believe that "water is not enough."

The British Medical Journal published a scathing investigation yesterday into the influence of the sports drink industry over academia, in the interest of marketing the science of hydration. The lengthy piece by Deborah Cohen documents how, over the past several decades, mandates regarding the necessity of hydrating during exercise entered the public consciousness to the point that they're now thought of as common sense. Here are some highlights:

  • The key players: Pepsico, which produces Gatorade, the Coca-Cola company, which owns Powerade…

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 The Controversial Science of Sports Drinks

A history of the conflated science of hydration and how consumers came to believe that "water is not enough."


Vitamins deteriorate while sitting in water, so we keep ours hid in the lid.


ALO is a refreshing line of unique drink alternatives made with real aloe vera pulp. Our drinks are all natural, with no preservatives, no artificial colorings, and no artificial flavors.

Crank Sports

Crank Sports produces energy gels and electrolyte hydration drinks that are truly innovative and a class above the competition. All of our products are designed by endurance athletes and developed by a team of experts that have been creating new products for over 20 years.


Fight cramping, stay hydrated, and maintain a consistent performance level over extended periods. Compete better than ever with sugar-free ElyteSport electrolyte replacement sports drink specially formulated for athletes.


Science is the core of our business. Our commitment to excellence has made Ross one of the world's most respected names for nutritional and related health care products.


The mental energizer...


Elete was launched in response to an unanswered need within the marketplace. We recognized that no other electrolyte-replacement formula on the market offered a method to allow athletes to add a complete balance of electrolytes to their wattle bottle or hydration system.


All FRS products feature quercetin, a powerful all-natural antioxidant found naturally in many fruits and vegetables. It has been shown in multiple clinical trials to provide sustained energy, increased endurance, immune system support along with many other health benefits.


Each of our physician-developed drinks provides unique, concrete functionality, without having to wait hours in a doctor's office. Our goal is to make your life as fun, productive, and healthy as it can be one drink at a time.


Gatorade and GSSI continue to search for and study new and innovative ways to help athletes improve performance by facilitating proper hydration and nutrition. From the lab testing of athletes, to new flavor and delivery system development, to the publication and distribution of scientific research, the Gatorade Company and the GSSI perpetually strive to advance their collective mission of enabling athletes to always perform at their peak.


Whether you're a weekend warrior or an aspiring pro, GU Energy Labs has your nutrition needs covered.


High5 is a UK company run by athletes. We have competed in many of the World’s toughest events and have years of racing experience between us. We know from personal experience how important it is to get your nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product. High5 has close links with Universities and leading researcher groups.

Huma Gel

Hüma Gel is an all-natural, great-tasting energy gel designed to get you through tough exercise.


Neuro Drinks is the brainchild of Chairman, CEO and Founder Diana Jenkins, created to provide a healthy alternative to what Jenkins perceived as a self medicating and caffeine-dependent society.


Our electrolyte enhanced drink tab is gluten free, dairy + soy free, safe for clean sport, and made from plant based ingredients.


O.N.E., One Natural Experience, is an all-natural beverage company with a deep commitment to the Earth and its people. Our products are responsibly sourced and harvested, filtered naturally and packaged in eco-friendly Tetra Paks.


PacificHealth Laboratories, founded in 1996 by two prominent scientists, started with a singular purpose — to help athletes achieve their personal goals. We never lost sight of that mission. Collaborating with some of the world’s top nutritionists, biochemists and sports scientists, our research and products have reshaped sports nutrition.


Great for kids & adults! Pedialyte helps prevent dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting.


Give your Game some flavor Keeping you hydrated is our job. Working on your game is yours. We do what we need to do so you can do what you have to do.


PureSport Nutritional Performance Sports Drinks with Protein: Human Performance Labs develops superior nutritional performance sports drinks with protein for athletes of all types, from world class professionals to club sport amateurs and weekend warriors.


South Beach Beverage Company (or "SoBe" as we like to call it) makes and markets the best tasting herbally enhanced beverages, hands-down! We've designed our "healthy refreshment' beverages with fun, active people in mind.


SPIZ is a delicious, race-proven energy drink designed to provide your body with everything it needs to perform at peak levels, making it very popular with all types of sporting enthusiasts including triathletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, etc.

Ultima Replenisher

Ultima Replenisher is a rehydration drink that contains no sugars, artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients. It has only 10 calories per 8-12oz serving.

Vita Coco

Vita Coco is about hydration, and hydration is important no matter what you do. It's okay if you're not a marathon runner, a football player, or a Tour de France winner. Life is hectic enough, and you should be hydrated while you live it.


To provide the most effective, scientifically-based functional replacement solutions possible through passionate dedication to enhancing the quality and balance of people''s lives.


Our product was created to fulfill the convergence of the two fastest growing categories in cold beverage: health and energy.


VYVwater performs like a sports drink without the sugar, calories or additives. Our rapid hydrating formula is non-bloating and enhanced with electrolytes, allowing you to train harder and longer. VYVwater's optimal pH properties combat lactic acid build up which means faster recovery times, reduced cramping, and better overall performance.


As a company, we''re on a mission to tell the world that Mother Nature made a better sports drink, ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water. We're athletes. We drink ZICO daily (lots of it!), know it works and want to help others make the switch to ZICO too.

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