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Food Leaders Take Notice: How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Eat

Millennials, by and large, are credited for being the ones who are out to “change the world.” They’re the most in tune with technology. They’re the most likely to go out to eat. And most importantly, they’re the ones who’ve changed the idea of value. However, what if all these things could be synthesized into one?

While it’s true that the world of food isn’t being disrupted overnight, millennials are certainly leading the change in the food revolution. From fast casual to farm-to-table, it seems as though every other month we hear about this generation finding something new to sink their teeth into. But there’s a bigger picture at play, and it’s one that’s not going away anytime…

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 Food Leaders Take Notice: How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Eat

While it’s true that the world of food isn’t being disrupted overnight, millennials are certainly leading the change in the food revolution. From fast casual to farm-to-table, it seems as though every other month we hear about this generation finding something new to sink their teeth into. But there’s a bigger picture at play, and it’s one that’s not going away anytime soon. Here’s why...

100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards

Packaged foods are sneaky. That’s why we put together Eat Clean 2013: Prevention's 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards, where we reveal the best, healthiest, and cleanest boxed and bagged foods on the market. Your trusty editors and our favorite experts ate our way through mountains of food in search of the most nutritious, delicious choices with the cleanest ingredients.

Eat This, Not That!

Today, thanks to the work done by Eat This, Not That!, most restaurants now post their calorie counts on their websites and even right in their stores. Instead of hiding their nutrition, chains from Boston Market to California Pizza Kitchen are introducing healthier options and letting us make informed choices about the most important choice of all—what we put into our bodies. And this website will help keep you informed.


We have created this informational website for people to discover, learn about, and discuss Clean Eating, wellness, nutrition, & fitness. We want to get the word out about how to Eat Clean and how it can change your life for the better. It can help you to feel so much healthier and so much more energetic than you ever have

Earth Eats

Earth Eats is a weekly podcast, public radio program and blog bringing you the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture. Our mission is to help people feel more connected to their food. So each week on the program we bring you food news, interviews with local farmers and other movers and shakers in the local food movement, mixed with recipes and cooking tips you can try at home.

Serious Eats

Serious Eats is the destination for delicious food, with definitive recipes, trailblazing science, and essential guides to the best food and drink, wherever you are.

Slow Food

The Slow Food Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands Convivium works to supports farmers, breeders and artisan food producers to link with the consumer. We work towards safeguarding our right to food sovereignty.


Website of Phil Lempert, Media Correspondant.

Anita's Tried and True Recipes

"Bringing you tested, low fat recipes since 1997."


Real food for real people.


Control your weight or your weight will control you. At CalorieKing, our mission is to put you in charge of your weight so you can enjoy the life you choose.


Chowhound is a place for food lovers to discover new recipes and food hobbies.

Cooking Light

Companion site to Cooking Light Magazine.


As my personal experience of cooking, there are a lot of things that you can learn when you have free time to grow and rise your love with cooking. Each cuisine have different methods to cook the food, and the way to work with the same type of ingredient are different too. After a while, I finally find a way to solve this problem is this site,, where I can share my recipes, learning new cuisines from others and looking for new friends having the same interests.

Delicious TV is a progressive media company committed to promoting a plant-based diet to the American public. Founded in 2003 by Betsy Caron, Delicious TV has produced television shows such as Totally Vegetarian, Vegan Hotspot and Vegan Mash-Up. VegEZ, a vegan recipe podcast and app, is also available for download from the iTunes store. Totally Vegetarian airs on public television and is now on the Roku Streaming Player.

Doctor John La Puma

John La Puma MD is the leading physician voice for culinary medicine and for nature therapy; he is an expert in heathy living, wellness and nutrition.

Dr, Fuhrman

Family physician, NY Times best-selling author, nutritional researcher and expert on nutrition and natural healing.

Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center

Dr. McDougall believes that people should look, feel great and enjoy optimal health for a lifetime. Unfortunately, many people compromise their health unknowingly through poor dietary habits.


Eat Magazine is a comprehensive food, wine and associated good living resource that brings you restaurant reviews, recipes from award-winning chefs, wine recommendations, local travel tips, cook’s toys and tools, books and lots more.

Eat Cleaner

When it comes to health, we all want to do the right thing but half-truths and inconclusive information can clutter an otherwise logical vision. Our EAT CLEANER mission is to set the record straight on what's on our plates and help everyone take matters into their own hands.

Eat Smart

The EatSmart Nutrition Scale is a personal management tool that helps individuals understand the essential nutritional values of the foods they eat.


Eater is the source for people who care about dining and drinking in the nation's most important food cities. A favorite of industry pros and amateurs alike, Eater has an uncanny knack for finding out what's opening where, who's serving what, and how it's all going down.

EatWILD provides research-based information about "eating on the wild side." This means choosing present-day foods that approach the nutritional content of wild plants and game–our original diet. Evidence is growing on an almost daily basis that these wholesome foods give us more of the nutrients we need to fight disease and enjoy optimum health.

Edible Communities

DIBLE COMMUNITIES, INC. is a publishing and information services company that creates editorially rich, community-based, local-foods publications in distinct culinary regions throughout the United States and Canada.

Ellie Krieger

Welcome! Many people tell me they want to look better, feel better, and live happier, more fulfilling lives but they also like to eat. I believe that food is an essential part of a happy and fulfilling life, and I'm committed to showing you how delicious healthy living can be!


Epicurious is the most trusted, authoritative, and award-winning digital voice in food. Our site is a who's who of renowned experts and celebrities; our audience is passionate and informed; and our ubiquitous, ground-breaking apps empower food lovers everywhere.

Fake Food Watch

Folly, fun, and fraud in U.S. industrial food.

The team has a passion to help the community at large by improving their bodies, minds, and spirits. was formed to create a network of like minded people to start a revolution of empowerment. We’re In This Together… On a mission to change the world,one person at a time. also delivers the goods on how, for example, a diet rich in vegetables can positively impact every aspect of one’s life including juicing.


Welcome to! Formerly Recipezaar, we've been the home for home cooks like you since 1999. What started as an idea to connect cooks from all over the world has grown into a daily cooking community, featuring 450,000+ recipes , 125,000+ photos and millions of reviews.

Food Addicts Anonymous

Food Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who are willing to recover from the disease of food addiction. Sharing our experience, strength, and hope with others allows us to recover from this disease, ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Food Babe

Through reading the investigations and information I post on, you can expect to learn the truth about harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid the stuff the food industry is trying to hide!

Food Business Review

The Business Review websites are your number one stop for all the latest news, comment and industry information. Each Business Review website offers content that is produced by a dedicated team of journalists and global industry experts.


Food, Inc. exposes America's industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers' rights. Learn about these issues and take action through the Hungry For Change cafeteria and check out the 10 Simple Tips for making positive changes in your eating habits. Learn more about these issues and how you can take action on

Food Matters

We here at Food Matters are committed to helping you help yourself. We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.

Food Navigator

Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - Europe.

Food Network

FOOD NETWORK ( is a unique lifestyle network and Web site that strives to be way more than cooking. The network is committed to exploring new and different ways to approach food - through pop culture, competition, adventure, and travel - while also expanding its repertoire of technique-based information.

Food Paths

FoodPaths®, Inc. is the digital content producer connecting the crossroads of food. Through its first-hand, behind-the-scenes, educational, and entertaining journeys, FoodPaths® pursues the paths that lead from farming to the family table, bringing an authenticity to the stories of the people who grow our food, the places it comes from, and the food we eat. Based in the Napa Valley, one of the world’s renowned food and wine meccas, the FoodPaths team doesn’t just write about the paths from farming to family table. They live and walk these paths every day.

Food Revolution Network

Food Revolution Network aims to empower individuals, build community, and transform food systems to support healthy people and a healthy planet.

Food Routes

National non-profit dedicated to reintroducing Americans to their food, the seeds it grows from, the farmers who produce it, and the routes that carry it from the fields to our tables.


Helping people become better, smarter, happier cooks.

Foodgeeks is a free online community designed for food geeks to share recipes and information about cooking and ingredients.


Foodists is a collective of like-minded food worshippers. We breathe and sleep in order to eat and drink. Have something to share with us? We'd love to hear from you. If it's something to eat or drink, even better.


FoodPrint will help you make food choices that do less harm to the environment, animals and people.

Foods for Life

Foods for Life was set up to encourage and facillitate an integrated approach to health and wellbeing to benefit people and the environment.


Combining her passion for food and a lifelong commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle, Grace O has created FoodTrients®, a unique approach to fresh, nutritional, and age-defying foods. Grace O is a fusion chef with a mission: to cook up recipes for sustaining a long and joyful life that are built on a foundation of anti-aging science and her work in the health care industry.


Eat better. Lose weight. Be healthy. Let Fooducate be your diet toolbox. Lose weight with REAL food, track your progress, and get motivated. Fooducate is the ONLY APP that looks beyond the calorie to help you lose weight and keep it off!

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives empowers people to live healthier lives by changing the way the world understands nutrition. Forks Over Knives was launched in 2011 as a feature documentary.


Freshology is a premium healthy gourmet diet delivery service. We embrace the philosophy of healthy living from the inside out. This begins with eating healthy food whenever possible, and fueling your body daily with a delicious combination of nutritionally balanced meals, as good nutrition is known to aid in maintaining good health.


Gastropod looks at food through the lens of science and history.

Gourmet Foods 101

Gourmet Foods 101 is an independent consumer guide covering the entire world of gourmet food and specialty food items you might not find at your local grocer.

Growing for Market

Growing for Market is America's most respected source of information about growing and selling vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and plants.


HarvestMark is the leading fresh food traceability solution from YottaMark. More than a billion produce packages have been enabled with HarvestMark Codes to speed response to suspected recall events and deliver on-demand product information throughout the supply chain.

Nutrition Advice by Registered Dieticians.

Healthy Eater

Ever wanted to sort your life out? To eat better and feel better? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? You are not alone. Changing the way you eat is hard.

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News

Latest health, healthy eating, nutrition news, data, studies & research from around the world for nutritionists and those interested in healthier lifestyles.

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives

The relationship between The Culinary Institute and Harvard began in 2004 with the premier of World of Healthy Flavors, an invitational leadership retreat for volume foodservice professionals. This three-day retreat puts faculty from the Harvard School for Public Health in front of an audience of executive chefs and food service administrators to update them on the state-of-the-art of nutrition science.


Because healthy should still be delicious. A site from Bon Appétit.

Jamie Oliver

Keep up with the latest foodie news by reading the stories written by myself and my team.

Mark's Daily Apple

Primal living in the modern world.


Melissa’s easy-to-navigate Web site is updated monthly with features and recipes that are easy and convenient.

Learn how to deal with your metabolism, explore alternative treatments of thyroid disease, and understand new choices in diabetes...


Eating flexitarian for healthiness because we're done with carrots.

Nourish Interactive

Welcome To Nourish Interactive - the fun place to learn about nutrition! Nourish Interactive is your free one stop resource for fun nutrition games for kids, interactive nutrition tools and tips for parents and health educators to use to promote healthy living for the whole family. Created by nutrition and health care professionals


Fueling your healthy, fast-paced lifestyle one smoothie at a time.


NutriFit's meal service is the ultimate timesaving, convenient choice, designed to satisfy your nutrition and health needs with extraordinary cuisine.


We believe that every person has the power to make decisions that will allow them to take control of their life and health.

Nutrition Action Health Letter

"You'll learn more about food safety and nutrition from Nutrition Action than any health or food magazine around." — Newsday

Nutrition and Diet Resources

NDR-UK’s vision is to become the recognised national (UK) authority for the provision of ‘fit-for-purpose’ nutrition and dietetic resources for dietitians and other health professionals to use with the public to empower them to make changes to their diets to improve their quality of life...

Nutrition Bulletin

The Nutrition Bulletin provides accessible reviews at the cutting edge of research. Read by researchers and nutritionists working in universities and research institutes; public health nutritionists, dieticians and other health professionals; nutritionists, technologists and others in the food industry;

Nutrition Facts

Verywell offers free food nutrition data. Learn how to live a healthier lifestyle by eating more nutritious meals and making better diet choices. provides easy access to the best food and nutrition information from across the federal government.


Nutrition Data provides complete nutritional information for any food or recipe, and helps you select foods that best fit your dietary needs.

Nutritious Life

Living a Nutritious Life & inspiring you to live yours!


The old ways: your guide to good health and well-being!

Organic Authority

Organic Authority seeks to change the way Americans think about the word organic, washing away the grungy hippy image of the past. Our goal is to disseminate information while educating the public about the benefits of buying and choosing organic produce, meats, and products, while promoting sustainable living and an organic lifestyle.


Paprika is an app that helps you organize your recipes, make meal plans, and create grocery lists. Using Paprika's built-in browser, you can save recipes from anywhere on the web.

Potatoes Goodness

Potatoes are one of Mother Nature’s best-kept secrets. This delicious, family-favorite vegetable is not just good but good for you. With just 110 calories, one medium, skin-on potato provides 45% of your daily value of vitamin C and more potassium than a banana. There are hundreds of innovative and healthy ways and reasons to make potatoes part of your dinner. So go on, unearth all the goodness of potatoes!

Precision Nutrition

Here's the truth: If you repeatedly struggle with diet programs, jumping on another diet program can't be the answer. What you need instead is guidance. Someone who can help you figure out the few important things you should be doing differently. Someone who can walk alongside you, troubleshooting the inevitable challenges and difficulties that come up. That's real coaching, and that's what we do at Precision Nutrition.

Raw Guru is your source for the latest up to date raw food information. We want to inform you the best way we can at every angle about the raw food diet! We believe it's a necessity that everyone, yes everyone on the planet is aware about this lifestyle!

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families

We fight for strong chemical policy, work with retailers to phase out hazardous chemicals, and educate the public about ways to protect our families from toxic chemicals.

Slow Food USA

Slow Food USA envisions a future food system that is based on the principles of high quality and taste, environmental sustainability, and social justice in essence, a food system that is good, clean and fair.

SuperKids Nutrition

Our mission is to create future healthier generations through good nutrition. SuperKids Nutrition aims to empower children and families to reach their full potential by having the energy and good health needed to accomplish their life goals. We help parents and the community become more knowledgeable about nutrition and enable children to make healthy choices every day.

Sustainable Food News

Sustainable Food News is the only daily online news service to the organic, sustainable, and natural food industries.

The Chalkboard

THE CHALKBOARD IS A STUDY IN LIVING WELL. Our mission is simple: Encourage you to thrive in every aspect of your daily life. We’re passionate about creating a conversation about health, wellness, fitness, beauty, nutrition, philanthropy and other issues. There is no limit to the wisdom we can share with each other. Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Consider this your classroom. Welcome to The Chalkboard.

The Daring Kitchen

I love experiencing new cultures through foods and it shows in my travels. When I'm at home I try cooking healthy but love blending dishes I've learned with fresh local ingredients.

Veg TV

Television shows and information promoting the vegetarian lifestyle.

American Council on Science and Health

The American Council on Science and Health is a consumer education consortium concerned with issues related to food, nutrition, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, lifestyle, the environment and health

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The American Society for Nutrition (>4100 members) is the premier research society dedicated to improving the quality of life through the science of nutrition. The Society fulfills its mission by fostering and enhancing research in animal and human nutrition; providing opportunities for sharing, disseminating, and archiving peer-reviewed nutrition research results (at its annual meeting and in its publications...

Calorie Control Council

"If you're looking for information on cutting calories and fat in your diet, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, or your favorite low-calorie, reduced-fat foods and beverages (and the ingredients that make them possible)... you've come to the right place!"

Center for Nutrition Studies

The T. Colin Campbell Foundation is based in Ithaca, NY, home of Cornell University. The T. Colin Campbell Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing accurate scientific and health information to the public.

Food and Drink Federation

The Food and Drink Federation is the voice of the UK food and drink industry, the largest manufacturing sector in the country.

Food and Nutrition Service

We are committed to ensuring access to healthy and safe food for those participating in our programs including expecting mothers; infants and children in child care and school; low-income families going to food banks; local farmers markets; and local supermarkets. These are investments that support education, health care, and a competitive workforce.

International Food Information Service

Food Science Central is a gateway to free and subscription based information relating to the world of food science, food technology and food-related human nutrition.

National Agricultural Library

A leader in food and human nutrition information dissemination since 1971. Provides credible, accurate, and practical resources for nutrition and health professionals, educators, government personnel and consumers.

National Pasta Association

Information on Pasta Recipes, Pasta Nutrition, Carbohydrates and more.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Taking control of your quality of life starts with consuming a plant-based diet. Filling your plate with fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains is not only your best bet for disease prevention, it’s an easy way to reverse damage already done. Follow the Power Plate to optimal health.

The Sugar Association

Sugar beet and sugar cane farmers are growing nature’s oldest sweetener, and our association is growing awareness of and confidence in sugar.

Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.


Extensive food information from BBC News


The inside connection to the best dishes and food culture, proudly presented by chefs.


As part of Performance with Purpose, we have committed to providing more food and beverage choices made with wholesome ingredients that contribute to healthier eating and drinking. This means increasing the amount of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy in our global product portfolio.

Positive Health Wellness

This site is for those of us who look for the information they need to live a more positive, healthier and happier life. Whether you’re seeking healthy eating options, belly fat problems, trying to stick to a diet, struggling with eating healthy when you go out or dealing with the stress and depression which comes with losing weight Positive Health Wellness is always there to help you out.

Robb Wolf

Eat the foods humans are designed to eat and lose weight, look great and feel your best. Start changing your life today.

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