There is no quick fix, but that’s not what the DASH diet is about - Stacy Matson


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Diets Don't Work... Right?

There are literally thousands of magazines, books, pills, and infomercials all promising you the easiest, fastest, effortless, weight-loss. Diets that claim you can "eat what you want!" or "pounds melt away!" may be enticing but the reality is that dieting is hard and most diets will eventually fail. 

Trendy fad diets will always be around because we’re all looking for a quick fix.  Some of these diets are straightforward and simply require you to eliminate fats, carbs or sugars; some require you to get injections or take risky supplements; and some go as far as requiring you to get your stomach surgically stapled or banded.

If none of those options appeal to you there are…

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