South Beach

Learn to choose the right fats and the right carbs - Arthur Agatston MD

South Beach
South Beach

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South Beach Diet Author On Four Reasons Why America Is Still Getting Fatter And Sicker - And What to Do

"We are eating horrendously, moving and exercising less, and not getting enough sleep. This has made us fatigued, depressed, irritable, achy, and generally miserable. And if feeling terrible isn’t bad enough, these habits are also making us ill—with diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and many forms of cancer, to name just a few.

What many of us don’t realize is that these poor lifestyle habits are causing the cells, tissues, and organs in our bodies to “rust,” or age before their time, as many of us walk around in a state of constant inflammation.

When your arteries rust, you might develop heart disease or have a stroke. When your brain rusts,…

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 South Beach Diet Author On Four Reasons Why America Is Still Getting Fatter And Sicker - And What to Do

What we all need to do is eliminate bad carbs from our diets and replace them with nutrient-dense fiber-rich good carbohydrates—vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and plenty of them. Studies consistently bear out that regularly eating whole grains, for example, translates into real-world better-health outcomes.

South Beach Diet

Delicious, nutritious and healthy. Learn the way to maintain a healthy weight without hunger or deprivation.

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The South Beach Diet has it’s detractors, and no one diet is appropriate for everyone by any means. However the South Beach Diet has brought about a rebalancing in nutrition. We’ve come to realize the not all fats are bad, and not all carbs are good.

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What little research there is on South Beach does suggest it's an effective way to lose weight, at least in the short term. But whether it keeps the weight off long-term is unproven.

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