Honestly, it sounds kind of like a drag (who has time to read and take quizzes throughout the day?), but it could be the key to successful, sustained weight loss - Mallory Creveling


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What Is Noom—And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Oh, to be a celebrity—fame, fortune, and the ability to have personal trainers and nutritionists on speed dial when you want to lose a few pounds.

For mere mortals, however, weight loss isn't quite so easy. (Actually, that's generous—losing weight is hard AF.)

That's where Noom comes into play—a fitness and weight-loss app touted as "Weight Watchers for Millennials." But uh, what does that even mean? And what makes Noom any different than any other weight-loss program or app out there?

Noom? That's kind of a weird name. What is it?

So, Noom claims to be the "last weight-loss program you'll ever need," according to its website. It’s like having…

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 What Is Noom—And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Noom is pretty all-inclusive—diet tips, fitness advice, tracking possibilities—so it's definitely rich with all the tools necessary to lose weight...if you actually stick with it.


Noom is a wellness program that is designed to help you live a healthier life by helping you create better habits. Unlike other weight loss programs that focus just on the physical aspect of losing weight, noom focuses on the mental aspect as well.

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