Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing - Redd Foxx (1922 - 1991)


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Why You Should Go Nuts for Nuts

There are several reasons you’ll find nuts on nearly every smart-snacking list. First of all, they’re easy to pack if you’re on the go, or to keep on hand in an office drawer or pantry. Plus, in addition to protein and other nutrients, all nuts contain cholesterol-lowering fiber, which makes you feel full longer and helps you eat less.

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 Why You Should Go Nuts for Nuts

If nuts aren't in your regular snack rotation, you're missing out on major disease-fighting nutrients that protect your heart, boost brainpower, and more.

Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center

The Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center was created in 1995 to coordinate and make publicly available University of California research-based information, and extension activities in planting, growing and harvesting fruits and nuts.

Almond Board of California

supports growers by developing global market demand for almonds as well as investing in research to address resource efficiencies, food safety and growing practices.

American Pistachios Growers

Good things come in small packages when it comes to the nutrition benefits of pistachios. A 1 ounce serving of pistachios (about 49 nuts) contains a host of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients bodies need to function and stay healthy. And all for about 160 calories.

National Sunflower Association

The National Sunflower Association (NSA) is a non-profit agricultural organization working on problems and opportunities for the improvement of all members.

Living Nutz

The Living Nutz company began in 2002 with a core purpose, to create the best tasting Certified Organic raw food gourmet treats on the planet!


Whether you like your snacks salty or sweet, LocalHarvest farmers have something that is sure to please you. Try our delicious nuts and fruits in your own combinations, or try one of our tasty trail mixes. We also carry popcorn and corn nuts, perfect for evenings at home.


Discover the health benefits of nuts. With their unique combination of good fats, dietary fiber, and vitamins and minerals, nuts make a delicious addition to any healthy eating plan. And did we mention some nut varieties can be part of a heart-healthy diet?

SunRidge Farms

SunRidge Farms™ is committed to providing the healthiest products to our customers by producing foods without highly processed or refined ingredients. We also source Non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients whenever possible. SunRidge Farms™ is committed to the planet and supports organic farming and sustainable practices.

Wildly Organic

Wildly Organic is an independent source for wholesome organic, natural, raw foods, and ingredients, the building blocks of a healthy life.

Zel's Vegan NutGourmet

I have started this totally nutty blog because I simply can’t help it! I am deeply enamored with nuts and am shamelessly compelled to admit my dedicated passion for them. I love them raw–I love them roasted–I love them all by themselves as a snack–and I love them tucked into all sorts of yummy dishes. I know I probably sound like a ditzy nutcase, but my admiration for the entire nut kingdom is not without good reason.

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