I don't want food that comes from animals that are caged up and fed antibiotics. I am really suspicious of that kind of production of meat and poultry - Alice Waters


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Eating chicken is morally worse than killing Cecil the lion

If the outcry over the killing of Cecil the lion tells us anything, it's that people are capable of genuine moral outrage at the needless killing of animals. And good for them. Animals are conscious beings capable of feeling pleasure and pain, and we have an obligation to make their lives as good as possible.

But in a given year, the typical American will cause the death of 30 land animals, and 28 chickens, by eating meat. And these animals aren’t just killed, they effectively live lives of constant torture and suffering — not directly at the hands of the people who eat them, but at the hands of the meat producers who sell them.

What we do to chickens


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 Eating chicken is morally worse than killing Cecil the lion

The best way to end this cruelty would be to pass legislation restricting the overbreeding of chickens and requiring them to be raised free-range with plenty of space.

9 Reasons To Raise Backyard Chickens

Although some rear backyard chickens for meat, the majority are raising chickens for other purposes. In fact, those who own backyard chickens tend to become fairly attached, building a positive partnership. If you have some extra space, here’s why you should invite some chickens into your backyard.

Backyard Chickens

The growth in the trend toward raising backyard chickens and the quantity and quality of information gathered on the site have greatly exceeded any of the original expectations.


Chicken Roost is the place to learn more about the safe handling, prep and serving tips, and share recipes for the chicken you serve to your family.


Eatwild.com provides research-based information about "eating on the wild side." Few of us will go back to foraging in the wild for our food, but we can learn to forage in our supermarkets, farmers markets, and from local farmers to select the most nutritious and delicious foods available. Eatwild has been providing information about the benefits of choosing meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals since 2001.


The best organic food is what's grown closest to you. Use our website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.


PoultryOne.com is the ultimate online guide to raising poultry and raising chickens.

The Poultry Site

News, Information and Business Directory.

National Turkey Federation

Turkey is a delicious, lean protein that can be used in a variety of ways. One 3-ounce serving of boneless, skinless turkey breast contains 26 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat and 0 grams of saturated fat.

Diestel Family Ranch

Our family’s turkey ranch has been providing the highest quality all-natural and organic free-range turkeys from our beautiful ranch in the Northern California foothills since 1949. We still own and operate our sustainable farming operation, which allows us to practice careful range management and ensures that every Diestel turkey product we produce is absolutely delicious.

Fenwood Farm

Fenwood Farms has organically raised chicken and it tastes the way chicken was meant to taste - down to earth delicious. Products only available in Ontario, Canada.

Higher Hacknell

We supply a full range of organic meat: beef, lamb, pork and chicken (as well as Christmas turkeys). It is professionally butchered and carefully packed in boxes that ensures it reaches you in perfect condition. You can choose your own selection of cuts or one of our regular boxes, which offer exceptionally good value.

Mary's Free Range Chickens

Mary's Free Range Chickens grow naturally with plenty of open space on a ranch in sunny California. These chickens are raised in a humane manner by allowing them to roam in a stress-free environment that is four times the size of the average commercial ranch.


Chicken and Turkey Recipes, Tips and More.

Petaluma Poultry

Petaluma Poultry® offers a complete line of natural* and organic chicken raised with our pioneering protocols.

Shady Brook Farms

We know you strive to serve nothing but the best. That's why Shady Brook Farms® turkey gives you and your family a wide-variety of premium quality products to choose from. Create healthy, appetizing meals in the comforts of your own kitchen with these delicious Shady Brook Farms® products:


Great Poultry Products You Can Count On...Shelton's chickens, turkeys and ducks are grown in free range conditions, which is defined by the USDA as ,'having access to the out of doors'. We raise our birds without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth stimulants. If any flocks of birds become sick, they are treated with a proper antibiotic and marketed under another label.

Thomas Reid Farms

Thomas Reid Farms is BC's first Certified Organic Chicken farm. We only raise certified organic chicken because we will only raise the best for our family, YOU and the environment. To our loyal customers that have provided encouragement and support along our path we say THANK YOU. To the rest of you, we encourage you to try the best quality chicken you will ever eat.


Tyson Foods is committed to making great food while making a positive and sustainable difference. We define sustainability in a way that brings responsibility and accountability into every business activity and process. We believe our quadruple bottom-line success will continue as we strive to do the right thing with respect to people, planet, profit, and products.

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