If slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be vegetarian - Linda McCartney


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You're probably shopping for vegetables wrong. Here's how to do it better

Not all produce is created equal.

I got a first whiff of this truth as a teenager, traveling in Italy. I noticed the pasta sauces and watermelons there popped with much more flavor than those I was accustomed to in North America. In my 20s, I started reading chefs like Alice Waters and Nigel Slater (my favorite) who made a persuasive case for eating in tune with the seasons — not only to get more variety, but also because eating seasonally will inevitably drive you to local markets, where you can buy from small farmers who take farming, and flavor, quite seriously.

Much of standard produce — the apples, tomatoes, and bananas sold year-round in grocery stores — is bred…

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