Diesel Fuel

With mounting evidence that diesel exhaust poses major health hazards, reducing diesel pollution has become a public priority - Union of Concerned Scientists

Diesel Fuel
Diesel Fuel

image by: Atomic Taco

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Why People Think Diesel Is Worse or the Environment and How They’re Wrong

For many, diesel engines are synonymous with black clouds of smog and heavy air pollution. These images are from a time, not long ago, that solidified diesel’s reputation as dirty burning fuel. A lot has changed since then, but diesel struggles to clean up its reputation. When compared to gas-powered engines, diesel has some surprising benefits.

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 Why People Think Diesel Is Worse or the Environment and How They’re Wrong

There have been leaps in diesel emission improvement that don’t seem to impact public opinion. A single diesel truck from 1980 produces the same emissions as 60 trucks built by today’s strict emissions standards. Diesel has come a long way and should be thought of as a cleaner, non-renewable option.

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