Havana Syndrome

Is ‘Havana Syndrome’ an ‘act of war’ or ‘mass hysteria’ - Spencer Bokat-Lindell

Havana Syndrome
Havana Syndrome

image by: Asia de Cuba

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The Mystery of ‘Havana Syndrome’

A long time ago, soon after I arrived in the Soviet Union as a young wire service reporter and became acutely aware that I was being followed, my eye began to twitch.

It became hard to work, so I flew to Paris to have it checked out. By the time I landed the twitching had stopped, and the doctor who checked it out found nothing wrong.

Back in Moscow, at a chance meeting with the U.S. Embassy doctor, I recounted this incident. Nothing strange there, he said: “Everybody gets the ‘Moscow Eye’ soon after they arrive and it soon goes away.”

I took him to mean that it was a nervous reaction to the novel stress of finding oneself in a hostile state, secretly watched…

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 The Mystery of ‘Havana Syndrome’

So far, despite many efforts to explain the “anomalous health incidents” — the bureaucratese assigned to the phenomenon by the government, scientists and investigative journalists — no one has come up with anything conclusive.

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