Methane Exposure

Methane is out of control and we need to manage it—to protect people and the planet - Deborah Gordon

Methane Exposure
Methane Exposure

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The Dangers of Methane Gas Poisoning and Exposure

Methane exposure, particularly when experienced in high concentrations, can lead to methane gas poisoning. While it is considered relatively non-toxic, its primary threat is that it functions as an asphyxiant, similar to the threat posed by carbon monoxide exposure. When inhaled, it displaces ambient air, thus depriving the body of oxygen needed to breathe. While low concentrations are generally not harmful, higher concentrations lead to less oxygen availability and a range of symptoms

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 The Dangers of Methane Gas Poisoning and Exposure

In addition to its high risk of flammability and combustibility, it also acts as an asphyxiant. Exposure and symptoms can range from mild to severe and acute to long-term depending upon its concentration and the length of exposure time. At high concentrations for a prolonged time, methane gas poisoning can be lethal.

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