Pharmaceuticals & Pollution

Pharmaceuticals are commonly detected at low concentrations in surface waters, where they disrupt biological and ecological processes. Despite their ubiquity, the annual mass of pharmaceuticals exported from watersheds is rarely quantified - Megan L. Fork

Pharmaceuticals & Pollution

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Something in the water

WATER companies have been telling us for years not to throw unwanted medicines down the toilet. Perhaps they were wasting their time because we excrete most of the drugs in urine anyway. And they are turning up in tap water at concentrations to rival those of pesticides. The past two years have seen a continual trickle of reports identifying unwanted drugs in rivers and water supplies. Should we be worried about the pharmaceutical cocktail that is emerging from our taps?

“As medical substances, they are developed with the intention of performing a biological effect,” says Bent Halling-Sorensen of the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy. For instance, drugs are designed to latch onto…

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