Off Shore Wind Power

Offshore wind farms are also effective for climate change mitigation, but if they damage marine protected areas or biodiversity hotspots, most of their benefits will be lost in the long run - Josep Lloret Romañach

Off Shore Wind Power

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Offshore Wind and Dead Whales

While I hate to say it, whale strandings and deaths along the East Coast aren’t particularly unusual anymore. Since 2016, there’s been a whopping 178 whale mortality events, and there are likely more that go undetected.

But it’s the recent pulse of strandings/deaths in New York and New Jersey, in a very short time period, that’s really concerning. There have been 10 (eight humpbacks, two sperm whales) in the last 6 weeks. That’s a lot—way more than we’ve ever seen in such a short period of time in this area.

Indeed, all of this happens to coincide with the continuing effort to get offshore wind power along the East Coast off the ground.

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Last Updated : Saturday, February 18, 2023