Exercise Recovery

For the best post-workout muscle recovery, sort the science from the snake oil - Claire Maldarelli

Exercise Recovery
Exercise Recovery

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What actually works for muscle recovery—and what doesn’t

The most painful part of a workout often comes after the exercise itself. The day after a hard run or an intense lifting session, almost everyone feels the pain associated with sore muscles. Researchers call this phenomenon DOMS, or delayed onset muscle soreness, and it’s the reason many of us turn to various techniques we’ve been told relieve the pain and speed up the recovery process.

Tactics from foam rollers to compression tights to ice baths have become popular among all athletes, whether they be weekend warriors or elite competitors. But none of them are the miracle products we often think they are.

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 What actually works for muscle recovery—and what doesn’t

For the best post-workout muscle recovery, sort the science from the snake oil.

10 Tips to Speed Recovery After Exercise

Unfortunately, most people don't have an after exercise recovery plan. Here are some tips to get your post-workout plans on track.

3 Things You Must Do After Your Next Intense Workout

You just spent 30 to 60 minutes working out—and now you have five minutes to focus on those well-worn muscles. "Focus on both static and dynamic stretches from head to toe, making sure to spend time on your hamstrings, quads, and glutes, seeing as they do most of the muscular work. But don't forget about the core!" he says. Refuel! In other words: Eat something.

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