Practicing qigong is so simple and so powerful. You cannot do it wrong. You can only do it good, better or best - Chunyi Lin


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10 Reasons to Get to Know Qigong: Yoga’s Less Popular Cousin

If you’re looking to boost your energy and calm your mind, I know someone you’ve got to meet: her name is Qigong. She’s Yoga and Meditation’s less-sexy, easy-to-underestimate cousin — and she’s amazing.

Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) is originally from China and her name means “energy exercise.” Like her Indian cousin Yoga, Qigong links up the body, breath, and intention. She’s less flashy than her cousin Yoga. But don’t overlook her — those still waters run deep.

Here are 10 reasons why you’ll love getting to know Qigong:

1. She’s an incredible healer. She can reduce arthritis, chronic pain, high blood pressure, fatigue, diabetes, and cancer side effects, while boosting…

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Last Updated : Friday, December 11, 2020