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No parent should ever have to accept that there is no hope to save their child’s life - Lonnie and Michelle Somers

Fetal Health

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10 Things To Do After a Fetal Diagnosis

Nothing prepares you for the news of a fetal syndrome diagnosis. It is as if your child is drowning, but you are unable to jump in and try and save them. This is a very frightening time with many challenges ahead. You may feel lost, confused, angry, sad, and often hopeless. To ensure you can best handle most aspects of a diagnosis, it is best to have a plan in place... Here’s what you should ask when diagnosed.

1. You will be the #1 advocate for your baby or babies

We rely a lot on our medical professionals to guide us and have all the answers. Truth is, when you deal with fetal syndromes (many are very rare), our medical professionals may not have all the…

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