Weight Loss Retreats

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Weight Loss Retreats
Weight Loss Retreats

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"I Survived Adult Fat Camp"

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. If you want real masochism, work out for six hours a day while sticking to a 1,200-calorie diet devoid of coffee, alcohol, and sugar.

That's what I signed up for with Mountain Trek, a hiking boot camp held in Baja California and British Columbia. I'm not fat or out of shape, but I've put on a few pounds over the last three years. And though I hate the idea of dieting, I like a challenge. I also figured that not having constant access to food would help me separate real hunger from the fake kind that tends to pop up when I'm bored or stressed. So, I packed my bags for California with the hope of gaining energy and losing weight. Here's how that went, and…

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 "I Survived Adult Fat Camp"

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey. If you want real masochism, work out for six hours a day while sticking to a 1,200-calorie diet devoid of coffee, alcohol, and sugar.

10 Life-Changing Tips from Weight Loss Retreats

How would you like to learn all the secrets from the country’s most-renowned weight-loss retreats–without having to take weeks off of work?

14 Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Camp

There are endless methods out there for losing weight. However, they are not all created equal; some are much more effective than others. Perhaps the most successful method is staying at a weight loss camp for adults. Some people may think that “fat camps” are only for children, but these facilities are remarkably effective at promoting lasting weight loss. If you’re wondering whether or not a weight loss camp is right for you, look at some of the most common benefits of attending.

5 best weight loss retreats that work

Looking for the best weight loss retreats? Our Spa Trekker columnist and the founder of queenofretreats.com Caroline Sylger Jones selects her top five for safe and long-lasting weight loss.

7 Amazing & Cheap Weight Loss Camps for Adults

Check out these weight loss camps for adults to learn how they may offer more benefits than more expensive programs.

Weight Loss Spas & Fitness Retreats

Here, in random order, is an editorial round up of top weight loss spas and fitness retreats in the U.S.

Fit Farm

Forty minutes from Nashville, on 160 acres of pure fitness playground, our all inclusive boot camp focuses on helping you to reset your pace for life. Our transformative environment makes every day a new start

Mountain Trek

Imagine an all-inclusive luxurious health and wellness retreat that not only takes care of your every need but also ensures you lose weight and improve your fitness. At Mountain Trek it’s easy to reverse the effects of aging and feel vitality again.

One Fitness Camp

We understand how difficult weight loss can be. Sometimes it’s not as easy as joining a gym, or ordering salad for lunch. Sometimes you need a big push & plenty of support to achieve your fitness & weight loss goals. At One Fitness Camp, Utah’s premier adult weight loss camp you will lose the weight. You will get stronger.

Unite Fitness Retreat

Our top rated boutique fitness & weight loss camp gives you the motivation, tools, and guidance to transform your body and mind.


The center offers 2-, 3- or 10-day vacation stays. The retreat offers regimented weight-loss routines via gymnastic sessions. The goal of these sessions is to tone all parts of the body. Included in the price of admission are five daily meals created by a nutritionist. Medical exams are also included in the price.

Cooper Aerobics

Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas is an international leader in health and wellness research, education, products and services–all designed to help people achieve optimum health and fitness at every stage of life.

Getaway Fitness

We provide not only a fun and healthy fitness holiday but more importantly a means for our guest to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals - an overall body holiday.

Heartland Spa

The Heartland Spa's team of experts help you to make positive Lifestyle Changes in the areas of nutrition, stress management, fitness, massage therapy and skincare.

Hilton Head Health

Located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, our Healthy Lifestyle program begins every Sunday. Each Guest will have the opportunity to participate in unique and interactive group activities and discussions, fitness classes and adventures, cooking demonstrations and nutrition seminars as well as one-on-one sessions with our experienced Health Specialists.

Live In Fitness

At Live In Fitness, we care about helping you lose weight for the long term. That's why we offer extended support and aftercare after you leave the LIFE program.

New Life Hiking Spa

Whether your goal is to get outside and hike, lose weight, get back on track physically, de-stress mentally, meet new people with similar interests, or to get together with an old friends or family, New life offers a wide range of activities to help you reach your next level of physical and emotional wellness.

New You Boot Camp

The most successful military style weight loss programme running in Europe, no other fitness or boot camp gets the results that we achieve.


NuBeginnings is a unique synthesis between a weight loss boot camp and a weight loss retreat. Our unique approach combines a programme of nutrition, exercise and hypnotherapy - we will help you to change your relationship with food and yourself. Our weight loss program is designed to really get results during your stay and when you return home.

Pritikin Longevity Center

"The Pritikin Longevity Center + Spa has long been considered the gold standard in health and wellness support" - Oprah.com

Rancho Cortez

Rancho Cortez offers a residential, ranch-style bootcamp program that challenges guests to lose weight, boost their overall health, and vastly improve their fitness level. On our Texas Hill Country dude ranch, we use the natural surroundings, modern workout facilities, heated indoor pool along with a healthy but delicious low-calorie cuisine.

The Biggest Loser Resort

The Biggest Loser Resort is the standard in personalized wellness, tailored fitness, and nutrition. This weight loss resort was created particularly for those people exhausted by the endless diet cycle and who seek a proven and permanent lifestyle improvement solution.

VitaVie Retreat

One of the first boot camp retreats in the United States, Vita Vie Retreat challenges people from all over the world to meet their goals.

Weight Crafters

Ready to make a change and take back control of your life? We stand ready to help you achieve that goal. Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp is the #1 Rated Residential Live In Adult Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for people that are looking for a boutique styled solution and long term results.

Wellspring Camps

Welcome to Wellspring Camps! Wellspring is the leading organization of weight loss camps for kids, teens, young adults and women. Unlike fat camps, boot camps, or traditional weight loss camps, Wellspring's scientific approach to diet and activity management helps campers change their lifestyle for the better, forever. In fact, 70% of Wellspring campers maintain or continue losing weight at home

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