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Goodbye, packed workout classes. Goodbye, independent yoga studios - Maggie Puniewska

Fitness Clubs

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The Gym As You Know It Is a Thing of the Past

On April 30, just a few days after Georgia started allowing businesses to reopen, Dakota, a 27-year-old resident of Kingsfield, went to his gym, a community rec center in the southeastern part of the state. It was a Thursday around 2:30pm, so the place wasn’t going to be busy, but on that day, it was especially quiet—and things were different.

Before he could go, Dakota had to call and make an appointment, because the facility was only allowing a few people in at a time. Once he got there, he was asked to wash his hands, and then a staffer took his temperature and handed him a bottle of sanitizing spray, reminding him of the newly implemented cap on working out, one hour. The changes…

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