Short Workouts

There are certainly ‘optimal’ ways to train, but you can see increased mobility, better sleep, better strength and increased bone density with shorter, simpler workouts - Barb Puzanovova

Short Workouts
Short Workouts

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The Really (Really) Short Workouts That Actually Make a Difference

The science has spoken: you do not need to exercise for hours on end in order to improve all aspects of your health, nor to boost your life expectancy. In fact, the secret to feeling fit, healthy, and mentally buoyant actually lies in how consistently you move. Even the most die-hard fitness experts agree that getting your heart pumping, however you choose to do it, is the ticket to improving your health—and you don’t need to commit to hour-long studio classes to do that.

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 The Really (Really) Short Workouts That Actually Make a Difference

While you don’t have to toil over the dumbbells to make a difference to your health, all research points to the fact that consistency is key. Move a little each day and make a promise to yourself to prioritize it—there is always time for a quick walk.

15 Minutes of Exercise a Week Is Linked to a Longer Life

queezing exercise into a busy schedule can be tough. However, new research suggests that doing just 15 minutes of physical activity over the course of a week is linked to a lower risk of dying prematurely compared to not exercising at all—as long as the movement gets your heart pumping.

8 Mini Workouts That Work Your Whole Body

Decades ago, exercise was something we did for fun and to feel good, but these days exercise isn't a luxury, it's a necessity. We've gone from an active society to one that spends most of its time on its rear end. We sit at work, when we watch TV, playing video games, driving—most of us sit much more than we stand or move. Sitting too much contributes to all kinds of health risks like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

8 Surprising Benefits of Super-Short Workouts

No, your session doesn’t need to be a certain length to “count.”

8 Very Short Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room Right This Minute

When last-minute plans pop up or the day just gets too crazy, it's easy to pass on the gym because of time constraints. That doesn't mean you have to skip exercising entirely, though. Turning your living room into a temporary fitness studio saves you a ton of steps—after all, just getting to the gym, tossing your bag in a locker, and getting settled all take time. Time you don't have when you're in a crunch.

8 Very Short Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room Right This Minute

Next time you don't have a minute to spare, try one of these eight workouts right at home—they're all 10 minutes or less, and they require minimal (or zero) equipment. You can even combine a couple of them if you have extra time—or keep the rest bookmarked for when you need a quick game plan.

Paige Waehner, Personal Trainer

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