Going forward, if the world's oceans continue to heat up, vibrio will likely proliferate even further - pushing vibriosis rates up as well - Joe Satran


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CDC Report Shows Vibrio, A Deadly Type Of Food Poisoning, Is On The Rise

What makes it a topic of concern, besides the massive increase, is that vibriosis is known as one of the most serious couple types of food poisoning around. About half the people infected by vibrio vulnificus, the more virulent of the two common strains, are killed by the bacteria. And many of those who survive the disease are left with life-altering disabilities, including amputations.

Vibriosis rates have been increasing for years, and scientists aren't completely sure why. Two likely factors are booming consumer demand for raw oysters, especially in restaurants, and better food safety monitoring systems that are catching exactly how many cases occur. But vibrio

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