Foot Health

When people aren't feeling well, we wish them a speedy recovery – to see them back on their feet again soon. And yet, we're often unaware of the intricate pedals so central to our mobility until they give out on us - Rachel Pomerance Berl

Foot Health

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Steps to Better Foot Health

Are your feet healthy?

Even people who try to cover all the bases—avoiding fattening foods, hitting the gym and wearing sunscreen—may not be able to answer yes. Doctors say people often ignore persistent but minor foot complaints, which can later develop into bigger problems, like lower back pain. Some common foot problems can mask underlying issues that are correctable if addressed early. Tender feet might be a sign of a pinched nerve, for example, or bunions might stem from weak arches. Other foot ailments, such as sores that don't heal, can point to a more serious condition, such as diabetes.

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