The rise in antisemitism is astonishing, never before seen in this country - Liz Sherwood-Randall


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The Growing Antisemitism Among Young Americans

We need to look at antisemitism not in theory, but in practice. We must combat it whether it’s being propagated by a white nationalist marching with tiki-torches or by a fervent anti-Zionist harassing students on campus. More than that, we need to wake up to the generational shift happening, make clear that antisemitism is never acceptable, and redouble our efforts to educate them to how the virus of antisemitism can infect an entire society, hurting not just the Jewish community, but ultimately all of us.

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  The Growing Antisemitism Among Young Americans

Unfortunately, we are backsliding—not in accomplishments, but in acceptance. Negative attitudes about Jews, and negative experiences for Jews, by every metric, are growing, not fading. And most troubling, antisemitism—for the first time—is growing among younger generations of Americans, portending a very different and dark future for the American Jewish community. This too has been the case for the Jewish community. No longer are there covenants restricting where Jewish families can live or quotas blocking admission to universities. Jews have ascended to the very heights of academia, philanthropy, business, labor, entertainment, and politics.

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