Critical Race Theory

We have to talk about the fact that race and racism is real, and is as much of the fabric of America as apple pie or the Fourth of July or the Second Amendment - Terry Harris

Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory

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Op-Ed: You know who really needs to be schooled on critical race theory? Your doctor

The hint of an education on race and racism I received in medical school involved a historical overview of the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and retired eugenics practices. As I rotated on the wards, race came up again as a vague tool to help narrow a diagnosis. New Black patient with severe headache, blurry vision? Think hypertensive crisis.

I wasn’t taught why hypertension might be more prevalent in the Black American population. (Hint: Genetics is not the answer.)

I was never taught that Black newborns delivered by a white doctor are more likely to die than those delivered by a Black doctor. Or that federally sanctioned redlining in the 1930s still increases the odds…

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 Op-Ed: You know who really needs to be schooled on critical race theory? Your doctor

There is no better argument in favor of CRT than the fallout from COVID-19, which unfolded in real time, exposing a broken system as people of color were disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

Critical Race Theory An Introduction

Critical Race Theory is essential for understanding developments in this burgeoning field, which has spread to other disciplines and countries. T

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