Gut Health

Every day we live and every meal we eat we influence the great microbial organ inside us - for better or for worse - Giulia Enders, Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

Gut Health

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How to eat your way to a healthy gut

It’s not hard to stumble across any number of articles and papers proclaiming the next wonder food to improve your gut health. As scientists increasingly discover the central role that gut bacteria play in our overall health, it’s tempting to latch on to these promises to try to revitalise everything from your weight to mental wellbeing.

But the science has a way to go before we know exactly what nutrition is best for your gut. BBC Future spoke to leading gut health and microbiome researchers to sift fact from fiction on gut health "wonder foods", probiotics, prebiotics and what changes to your diet could genuinely boost your gut health.

The interest in how to improve your…

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