Give me good digestion, Lord, And also something to digest; but where and how that something comes I leave to Thee, who knoweth best - Mary Webb


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Is food the ultimate medicine?

As we eat, our body receives, digests and absorbs the macromolecules from food. These macromolecules in food — carbohydrates, lipids, proteins — are converted into energy for our bodies to use for growth, repair or to move. Each is absorbed at different rates while traveling through the digestive system.

While food is a necessary part of living, vital to maintaining homeostasis and all of the body’s internal functions, it’s the quality and the quantity of our diet that balances homeostasis. The excess sugar, fat and sodium in the typical North American diet can throw off the body’s homeostasis and possibly cause health issues for our organs, brains and heart.

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 Is food the ultimate medicine?

The body is like a machine that needs food to maintain its balance.

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