So once again, in attempt to become extremely healthy by ridding ourselves of bacteria, we may have actually become less so - James Hamblin


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Are We At The Beginning Of The End For Triclosan?

If you happen to head into the soap, cosmetics, and dental aisles, you will no doubt find at least a few products highlighting the word, antibacterial. The word itself can bring about feelings of increased safety and improved health. It also may make you believe the product has the same benefits of an antibiotic without, of course, the need for a prescription.

The term, antibacterial, refers to products containing one of 22 different chemicals with a variety of names such as povidone iodine, phenol, and the nearly unpronounceable nonylphenoxypoly (ethyleneoxy) ethanoliodine. But the most common of these molecules is relatively familiar to anyone who has read the label of an antibacterial…

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