Crying Infant

Don’t be in a hurry to diagnose colic - Sean M. Fox

Crying Infant
Crying Infant

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Inconsolable Infant

Crying is a normal aspect of human behavior. Infants may cry for a variety of reasons ranging from hunger, need for attention, discomfort, or pain. When crying is perceived to be excessive, or parents are unable to console their infant, it can cause parental angst. Thus far, no consensus has been reached on the definition of excessive crying, but in general infant colic is “excessive crying of unknown cause in otherwise well infants”. Traditionally it is defined by the Wessel’s criteria of fussing or crying more than three hours of the day for more than three days of the week.

However, colic should only be diagnosed after exclusion of other causes of excessive crying. One study by…

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 Inconsolable Infant

Without question, one of the most challenging tasks in life is to raise a child. The degree of difficulty of this challenge is heightened when that child becomes “inconsolable.” Since a young infant or child has a limited repertoire to convey illness, constant crying needs to be taken seriously by us in the Emergency Department. So, before you jump to the conclusion that this is merely “Colic” in the 2 month old, let us quickly highlight some entities that should be at the top of your DDx when evaluating the inconsolable child.

 The Inconsolable Infant: Just colic or a bad omen?

Every infant that presents to the emergency department with the chief complaint of “crying” or “irritability” warrants a careful history and thorough physical exam. The differential diagnosis for crying is broad and involves every organ system.

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