Kidneys & Health

Kidneys are not romanticised like the heart, or held on high like the brain. But these fist-sized organs are integral to our ability to filter waste and excess fluid from our bodies - Eliza Berlage

Kidneys & Health

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Demystifying Kidney Disease for the Average Joe!

Making sense of kidney disease: Dr "VC" Chauhan's "plain-English" take; without the doctor's jargon.

Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health Australia was first incorporated on 9 August 1968 as a non-profit organisation which has served the kidney community of Australia for well over 40 years. Kidney Health Australia's mission, vision and values are at the core of how we conduct our business and form the foundation for our future direction. Kidney Health Australia has given a long term commitment to families and children affected by kidney disease, but the biggest challenge remains for us to reach those two million Australians who do not know they have early kidney damage.

Kidney Patient Guide

This site has been made possible by a generous grant from the Wellcome Trust's Science on Stage and Screen awards. This site is the result of collaboration between health care professionals, experts in information technology and multimedia, specialist health care writers, and - above all - people with renal failure, their families and carers.

Kidney Research UK

Factsheets explain some of the conditions that can affect the kidneys.

KidneyBuzz aims to empower its viewership which is primarily members of the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community by offering accurate and up-to-date information free of charge through its Dialy Meal, Daily Article, and Daily Inspirational Quote. It is also in the business of providing tailored products and services to the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community,


NephJC is a nephrology journal club that uses Twitter to discuss the research, guidelines, and editorials that drive nephrology.


The National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR) is an initiative by UK kidney specialists (the Renal Association). It is designed to pull together information from patients who have certain rare kidney diseases. This will give a much better understanding of how these illnesses affect people. It will also speed up research.

American Association of Kidney Patients

The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) is a national non-profit organization founded by kidney patients for kidney patients. We strive to educate and improve the health and well-being of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, those on hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and transplant recipients.

Kidney & Urology Foundation of America

The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America provides research grants and develops quality educational conferences for physicians and other medical professionals in the nephrology, urology and transplant communities. is a blog created to help people, like you achieve health and happiness in all areas of their life through the creation of powerful free content (articles, video, and audio) each week.

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse

Established in 1987, the Clearinghouse provides information about diseases of the kidneys and urologic system to people with kidney and urologic disorders and to their families, health care professionals, and the public.

National Kidney Center

Our desire is to share compassion with individuals who are diagnosed with kidney disorders by supporting efforts for early screening, detection and awareness of treatment options that include paired donation. The National Kidney Center will also provide an online community where individuals with kidney disease can connect and share information with family members, friends and care providers.

National Kidney Federation

The largest kidney patient charity in the UK. Run by kidney patients, for kidney patients.

National Kidney Foundation

Fueled by passion and urgency, National Kidney Foundation is a lifeline for all people affected by kidney disease. As pioneers of scientific research and innovation, NKF focuses on the whole patient through the lens of kidney health. Relentless in our work, we enhance lives through action, education and accelerating change.

Nephrology News & Issues

Nephrology News & Issues, part of Grand View Media Group in Birmingham, Ala., published its first issue in 1987 with the aim of informing readers of the latest developments in nephrology while providing a forum for the exchange of ideas among the professional disciplines responsible for delivering care to the end-stage renal disease patient.

The Nephron Information Center

Our mission is to use this medium to make the public more aware of kidney disease in a sincere effort to prevent it when we can, and to help our colleagues achieve good outcomes in those who already have end stage renal disease. Our role is to provide as much information as possible to patients, professionals and the general public. is a site created to help you determine the causes of your different urine colors as well as help you understand how your urine color can be a symptom of certain health issues. We also discuss the basics about urine and some very interesting urine facts.


You can do both CAPD and automated peritoneal dialysis in any clean, private place, including at home, at work, or when travelling.


Touchcalc is a group of medical calculators programmed by Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D., FASN or Joey Fadem. If you have any ideas for a new calculator, please contact Dr. Fadem.


NephU is an engaged community of health care professionals and advocates collaborating to improve kidney health. Through increased awareness, collaboration, and information-sharing, our mission is to improve the future outcomes for individuals with kidney disease and other related conditions.


Healthy kidneys filter about a half cup of blood every minute, removing wastes and extra water to make urine. The urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through two thin tubes of muscle called ureters, one on each side of the bladder. The bladder stores urine. Your kidneys, ureters, and bladder are part of the urinary tract.

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