Longevity Medicine

If we live a hundred-year life using the same norms that worked for sixty or seventy years, it’s unlikely to be a good long life - Andrew Scott

Longevity Medicine

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Can Money Buy You Longevity And Health?

Better treatment options, dietary conditions and (perhaps) less stress could make the life of the rich also healthier. However, when it comes to longevity and aging, do they really have better chances? Can the upper 0.1 percent secure their health for long decades or even reverse the process of growing old? Could society somehow also benefit from the quest of the richest for longevity?

Are health and longevity on the shopping list?

You can have an awful lot of things with money. For a starter, you can buy ice cream or Nutella, which are synonymous to self-love, so the Beatles was only partly right in singing that you can’t buy love. If you’re stuffed…

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