But for some women, it is a little snip that shapes how they experience and remember giving birth, and that can have lasting physical and psychic consequences - Catherine Pearson


image by: Brazilian Women Against Routine Episiotomy

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The Truth about Episiotomies and Lacerations

I laughed. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did. When I visited my best friend in the hospital after she had her baby and saw her waddle across the recovery room, all I could do was laugh. It turns out she had suffered from a serious laceration during birth and they had given her a pair of disposable panties they had prepared with a thick maxi pad, an ice pack, witch hazel pads and estrogen foam. The result was a pair of panties so lumpy she could barely walk. Fortunately, she was in good humor about the whole thing and giggled right along with me.

The next day, however, we had a serious conversation about the delivery experience and I could understand the post-baby waddle to a new level.…

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