Maternal Mortality

I had this perception that maternal mortality was a faraway issue or an issue of the past. I thought this happened in other places. I had no idea healthy mothers in this country were experiencing things like this - Kristen Terlizzi

Maternal Mortality

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The truth about maternal death

Women die in childbirth at alarming rates. Maternal death is an excellent example of what the famous economist and philosopher Amartya Sen calls a “remediable injustice” — a condition that is fundamentally unfair and within our capacity to change.

Access to health services is better in more affluent, developed countries, so women die of pregnancy and childbirth-related complications at much lower rates than their counterparts in developing countries.

Better access to health services and skilled practitioners — nurses, midwives, medical doctors — is one of the keys to improving maternal mortality rat

ios in the developing world. The Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)…

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