Anger Management

The first step is to recognize that you’re angry - Christina Caron

Anger Management
Anger Management

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"I don't want to be angry all the time – but I am. What can I do?"

Here’s the thing: we can’t escape anger. We shouldn’t want to. It’s a powerful agent of change – if embraced positively. Instead of seeing anger as a burden, we need to see it as a jolt of adrenaline that can point us in the direction of our passions and highlight areas of our life that need work. So, that fight with your partner because they forgot to text that they’ll be home late? It’s an opportunity to have a conversation about communication patterns that aren’t working in your relationship. The creeping annoyance you feel in a queue? Use it to practise acknowledging your anger and your coping skills; two things researchers have proven are beneficial to your health. The blow-hard co-worker…

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 "I don't want to be angry all the time – but I am. What can I do?"

Twitter rants, office strops, spats with strangers – Anna Davies explores why we’re so damn full of fury, and how to harness its power.

6 Healthy Ways to Deal With Anger

One of the easiest things about experiencing anger is finding a colorful word or phrase to describe it: Steaming. Fuming and fired up and furious. Pissed off. Ready to flip your lid. Livid. Such an extensive lexicon speaks to the universality of anger, one of the most primitive emotions humans experience—and in some ways one of the most complex.

3 Keys to Anger Management

Anger is one our primary emotions –young children who bite another child over a toy or stomp their feet when they don’t want to go home; teens who flare up when you mention “homework” or “last night,” adults who go from 0-60 in nanoseconds when someone cuts them off in traffic. Though it’s the boldest of emotions, it’s also never what it seems. Many therapists describe it as a “cover” emotion, one that masks some other emotion beneath.

5 Ways To Stay Cool When Work Is Making You Angry

Learning to manage feelings of anger in a constructive, professional way can help you channel your frustration and get what you want -- without earning you a reputation as the person in the office who can’t control their temper.

6 Signs It’s Time to Talk to Someone About Your Anger

You don’t need to have road rage to have a problem.

Anger Management Institute

We are committed to honoring God and meeting the needs of people who may be in personal, emotional, mental or relational crisis. We want to provide guidance and resources to help those who are struggling with anger, depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, abuse, grief, marriage, family, relationship or spiritual issues.

Anger Management Resource

Tap into the very best of who you are.

British Association of Anger Management

We are the UK’s leading centre of excellence and expertise for anger, stress and conflict management. We were founded in 1997 and continue to offer support and training programmes for the general public, young people, governmental bodies, corporations...

Mastering Anger

Mastering Anger empowers users to effectively handle life's conflicts through best practice learning principles and advanced technology.


In this article, we'll look at what anger is, and what its consequences can be. We'll also look at 12 strategies that we can use to control anger and aggression

National Anger Management Association

The National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is the international professional association (18 countries) for the field of anger management and related issues. NAMA provides leadership through the Certified Anger Management Specialist and Certified Domestic Violence Specialist credentialing.

The Anger Coach

In the course of providing clinical services, Dr Fiore believes in the importance of not only talking about issues- but also developing skills to change, skills to cope better with current life stressors as well as past trauma, , and skills to think differently about life problems.

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