Teen Suicide

Most adolescents who transition from ideation to attempt will do it within the first year. Seek help early - Marie-Claude Geoffroy & Anthony Gifuni

Teen Suicide

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I study teen suicide and believe clinical science can predict who is at risk

People often ask me what I do for a living. In the past, I would start with something vague, saying things like “I’m a researcher; I work at the university. I work with teenagers.” Inevitably, people wanted to know more. And then I told them, “Actually, I research why teenagers are dying by suicide.”

Reactions have included a shocked silence, stories of local suicide deaths, personal disclosures of struggles with suicidal thoughts and general unease. These days, I do not shy away from telling people what I study. And that is intentional. I try to raise awareness and reduce stigma around teen suicide by talking about it frequently.

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