You can dramatically affect the expression of your metabolism and your biochemistry by the way you eat and the way you live - Jillian Michaels


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BMR Calculator

I have to admit it, I fell for it too. I fell for all the hype and hoopla that saturates our fitness culture about metabolism. I studied long and hard how to boost it, grow it, speed it up and protect it. It was the focus of any of my weight loss videos and articles and it was of great concern that none of my clients “crash” their metabolism with some stupid diet.

These days things are different. I could care less about my metabolic rate. All of my diet and exercise strategies are done for anything but metabolic benefits. Here’s why:

There Are Actually 2 Types of Metabolism. Actually there are lots of different types of metabolism. There is carbohydrate metabolism,…

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 BMR Calculator

Please do keep in mind that no BRM calculator will never be 100% accurate however as your body is constantly changing on a day to day basis. If you are injured for instance, your body will be working harder to help repair that injury and as such, you will be burning more calories because of it.

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