Electrolyte Drinks

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Electrolyte Drinks
Electrolyte Drinks

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Are Electrolyte Packets Really Worth the Hype?

In the world of workout supplements, electrolyte packets are having their moment. Scroll through social media, and you’re bound to see sweaty athletes cooling off with pastel-colored drinks—and touting all the benefits of doing so.

Electrolyte packets—think: LMNT, Liquid IV, Skratch Labs, and Nuun—are typically sold as individual prepackaged powders or tablets that you can add to a glass or bottle of water. They’ve been around for ages, but there's been a recent proliferation with slick new marketing, bright colors, and millennial-friendly messaging that's exploded on social media. And, as is the case with so much wellness marketing, the claims surrounding electrolyte packets are…

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 Are Electrolyte Packets Really Worth the Hype?

They promise a ton of workout benefits. But do they deliver?

7 Common Electrolyte Drinks You Should Avoid

Additionally, these “so called” electrolyte drinks are full of harmful ingredients such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, artificial flavors, brominated vegetable oil (bromine is a toxin and a goitrogen) which is harmful to the thyroid.

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