Metabolism Boosters

It's an adage that gets repeated again and again: you can speed up your metabolism and lose weight by eating certain foods or taking supplements. There's just one fairly large problem with that statement. Namely, that it's not true at all - Julia Belluz

Metabolism Boosters

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Can I Really Speed Up My Metabolism?

Yes, you really can speed up your metabolism, though likely not significantly, and certainly not with diet pills, green tea, or any other quick-fix products. There’s only real way to make a difference in how your body burns calories: increase your lean muscle mass...

Plus, strength workouts have an additional metabolism-boosting benefit. Because this type of anaerobic training involves breaking down and building back up of muscle tissue, the body needs to burn more calories in the 24 to 48 hours after each session—a phenomenon known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, EPOC, or, informally, “afterburn.” Researchers, however, are currently debating how intense that afterburn…

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