Newborn Health

All of a sudden, you have this newborn you have no training for. It's frightening - Bridget Moynahan

Newborn Health

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The New, Improved World of Infant Care

A wave of innovation in newborn care is giving infants a better start in life—and could improve Americans’ health far into the future.

These advances cover a range of conditions and treatments. Maternal- and fetal-medicine specialists are finding new ways to prevent premature birth, which affects one in 10 infants and can cause serious and costly mental and physical disabilities. In the neonatal intensive-care unit, doctors are adopting new procedures, devices and techniques to diagnose and treat complications that can harm future development.

At the same time, researchers are gaining new insights into genetic and environmental influences on the fetus, such as a mother’s obesity…

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 The New, Improved World of Infant Care

A host of high-tech advances are giving newborns a better shot at avoiding a range of ailments. The long-term impact could be profound.

Newborn Foundation

The Newborn Foundation is the only organization of its kind dedicated to leveraging technology innovation to save newborn lives and improve health outcomes for the newest, most vulnerable citi


We have committed ourselves to being the world's best source of baby product comparison information.

European Standards of Care for Newborn Health

European Standards of Care for Newborn Health is an interdisciplinary European collaboration to develop standards of care for key topics in newborn health.

Gates Foundation

Maternal health is closely linked to newborn survival. While great strides have been made in reducing global child mortality, newborns now account for 44 percent of all childhood deaths.

Healthy Newborn Network

The Healthy Newborn Network (HNN) is an online community dedicated to addressing critical knowledge gaps in newborn health.


Innovations accelerates the discovery and testing of creative solutions to understand and overcome barriers that prevent essential health services from reaching women and children.

Maternal Health Task Force

The Maternal Health Task Force believes that a strong, well-informed and integrated community with equitable access to high-quality technical evidence is critical to our goal of eliminating preventable maternal mortality and morbidity worldwide.


Uncommon Infant and Newborn Problems.

Merck Manual

Overview of problems in newborns.

Newborn Health Initiative

The Newborn Health Initiative represents a coordinated effort of healthcare stakeholders – individuals and organizations – to support legislation that has been introduced in the United States Senate to address the dire gap in our innovation pipeline for neonatal therapies.

Pregnancy & Newborn

P&N shares the excitement of pregnancy and early parenthood with women across the U.S. and in Canada.

Save the Children

The first month of a child’s life – the neonatal, or newborn, period – carries the highest risk of death. It is also the most dangerous period for the newborn’s mother.


While the world has achieved impressive reductions in mortality of children aged under five since 1990, the survival of newborns (young infants in the first month of life) has lagged behind.


This section contains RHL summaries of published systematic reviews on care of the newborn infant, newborn nutrition and feeding and management of unwell newborns.

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