You and I have ingested it (most likely) and millions unknowingly consume it daily through various food products, so obviously we won’t die from it. But the fact that it’ been used to treat problems doesn’t convince me…I know there are other remedies out there and lecithin isn’t “THE ONLY ANSWER” - Lilsipper.com


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Lecithin is not a magic granule

Fat and water don’t mix, but lecithin acts as an emulsifier and allows fat- and water-soluble substances to hang together in an emulsion. Think of it as the food equivalent of a “negotiator.” Lecithin has this property because two-thirds of its structure dissolves in fat while one-third is water-soluble.

This is an important physiological function for us, as we are constantly moving fatty substances through our water-based body. The liver is the organ that makes our lecithin and it’s found in cell membranes, the protective border responsible for shuttling water- and fat-based nutrients in and out of the cell. In foods it tends to be found when fat and water need to stay blended. Lecithin…

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  Lecithin is not a magic granule

The attraction to lecithin as a supplement began when there were periodic, but inconsistent, findings that higher levels of dietary lecithin might increase the amount of acetylcholine in the body. When all the evidence was examined, including a 2009 updated review in the Cochrane Library, support for the use of lecithin in the treatment of patients with dementia was found to be lacking. No published papers since then have countered this position.

Forget about taking lecithin for your memory

LECITHIN IS a fatty substance found throughout our bodies and in some foods. It is made up primarily of phospholipids, compounds found in all living organisms. These are the major component of cell membranes which allow cells to remain separated from one another. Lecithin is therefore crucial to the normal functioning of all living organisms.

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