Trans Fats

"Trans fat" has been a buzz phrase for decades and for all the wrong reasons - Rachel Berman

Trans Fats
Trans Fats

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Never Eat These FrankenFats

Thank God! Trans fats are banned at last. But they are still in our foods, so beware!

Recently, the FDA issued a ban on all trans fats, deeming them unsafe for human consumption, and it's about time! For more than 20 years, the science has shown these fake FrankenFats to be hazardous to our health. Thankfully, the government has finally caught on.

Trans fat was invented for use in margarine and shortening. But do you know why they call it shortening? Because it shortens your life! It was supposed to be a better butter, but in fact, it's worse. Did you know that if you put butter and margarine side by side, flies will land on the butter but they won't land on the margarine?…

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 Never Eat These FrankenFats

And don't just look at the trans fat content of the food; look on the label for the word hydrogenated, and make sure it doesn't have that on it. This one simple thing will improve your diet and upgrade the quality of the food you eat. You'll feel better and you'll be healthier for it.

Ban Trans Fats

When we started this website in April 2003, trans fats were not even on the national radar screen. It was easy to maintain a trans fat website in those days, because so little was happening. Since that time, our campaign has resulted in tremendous success. Trans fat content in the national food supply has diminished dramatically. There is so much news about trans fat that it is impossible to track it. For that reason, we are not keeping this website updated. Much of the information on this website is out of date. However, the health information is current.


In the realm of dietary dangers, trans fats rank very high. It has been estimated that trans fats are responsible for some 30,000 early deaths a year in the United States. Worldwide the toll of premature deaths is in the millions.


Trans fatty acids are manufactured fats created during a process called hydrogenation, which is aimed at stabilizing polyunsaturated oils to prevent them from becoming rancid and to keep them solid at room temperature. They may be particularly dangerous for the heart and may pose a risk for certain cancers.

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